• Citizenship and residence permit

  • Foreign company consultancy

  • IT and telecommunication contracts and regulations

  • Commercial litigation

  • Legal advice for the aviation sector

  • Trademark and Patent Consultancy

  • International Contracts

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Welcome to Cavdar Law Office

Our understanding about professional services is our uncompromising approach to quality. Due to the long standing practice experience we have learnt how to administer law and consultant services. We are proud to be the absolute holders of quality services achieved due to the long standing social dealings and gained experience.


International Contracts

Preparing and negotiation of project contracts and business endeavors

IT and telecommunication contracts and regulations

Preparation and negotiation of agreements for foreign and local clients in the field of IT and telecommunications.


Commercial litigation

We are experts in the field of Commercial litigation. 


Citizenship and residence permit

Application procedure for Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek citizenship and residence permit...

Legal advice for the aviation sector

Preparation and negotiation of aviation agreements. 


Trademark and Patent Consultancy

We are licensed attorneys in the field of trademark and patent. We follow up and provide legal advice on the protection of the trademark / patent owners’ rights.